Letting Go

Do you find yourself unable to work toward your future because you’re hung up on your past? This feeling is occurring because you’ve hit a plateau when it comes to personal growth. Are you perhaps fixating on things from the past that could be limiting your potential for growth? The art of [...]

The Boundless Power of Words

We know words are important — it’s pretty obvious that they’re a primary form of communication and used to express thoughts, ideas, insights and emotions. But while a lot of people recognize their importance, far too many don’t realize just how powerful they are. The power of words extends well [...]

Are you a fit for the firewalk?

A lot of people wonder whether the Tony Robbins firewalk is right for them. Some might question if they have the right personality for it, whether it’ll benefit their life in particular specific ways or if they’ll generally gain anything from it. Those questions are understandable. Often, [...]

Mind Over Matter

Here’s the thing about the phrase “mind over matter” you must remember: It’s true. It’s tempting to dismiss catchy phrases we hear over and over as cutesy sayings without much substance behind them. But often these clichés stick around because they’re based on truth. And this is most [...]

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