Develop Joyful Habits

Discipline is essential when working toward a goal. Whether you’re training for your first marathon, working towards a promotion at work or trying to spend more quality time with your partner and family, you have a lot on your plate. But as much as you’re committed to achieving your goal, it [...]

Give Yourself the Gift of Freedom

When the new year rolls around, you start thinking of how you want to improve your life. Do you want to better your career? Make your health a priority? Strengthen your connection with your family or romantic partner?Although January 1 has come and gone, it’s never too late to start going after [...]

Be Present in Your Relationship

Are you distracted when you’re spending time with your partner? Are you guilty of mindlessly scrolling through your phone while they’re telling you about their day? Although you’re nodding and physically in the same space as your significant other, you’re sending them signals that you’re not [...]

Kickstarting Fitness Goals

We all have things we want to improve. For some people, the desire to be physically fit takes top priority. However, there’s a big difference between wanting to be healthy and following through with your fitness goals. Living a healthy lifestyle is key to finding balance in your life, and Tony [...]

Being Present

In your daily life, do you find your mind wandering? Are you often so caught up in checking your phone that you’re not engaged with the people around you? It can be difficult to be in the moment when you have a full schedule or other things on your mind. However, there are many benefits […]

Signs You Need a Life Change

Are you tired of doing the same thing day after day? Do you feel like you’ve hit a plateau when it comes to finding happiness and purpose in your life? Before you jump to conclusions and begin wondering what in the world could be wrong with you, take a step back. It’s very likely [...]


Are you working to exceed your sales goals from last year? Aiming to get in better physical shape? Are you trying to be a better communicator with your spouse in an effort to improve your relationship? Do you want to put yourself out there and be more social to enhance your friendships and [...]

Letting Go

Do you find yourself unable to work toward your future because you’re hung up on your past? This feeling is occurring because you’ve hit a plateau when it comes to personal growth. Are you perhaps fixating on things from the past that could be limiting your potential for growth? The art of [...]

The Boundless Power of Words

We know words are important — it’s pretty obvious that they’re a primary form of communication and used to express thoughts, ideas, insights and emotions. But while a lot of people recognize their importance, far too many don’t realize just how powerful they are. The power of words extends well [...]

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